Wilmer / Mobile Zoo


After miles of driving and much debating as to whether or not we should turn around; We finally arrived at the Mobile Zoo which most assuredly is NOT in Mobile. We pulled up to what appeared to be someones front yard at the end of a very long pot hole filled dirt road. It felt sketchy and we found ourselves wondering if we should, in fact, get out of the car. Normally my gut feeling would kick in and we would have pulled away, but my bladder and the call of the peacock begging for his picture to be taken said otherwise.

So we meandered up to the building where we found an empty room leading to a larger room filled with cages of birds. In desperate search of a restroom, we entered and started looking around. The animals looked well cared for but sad small cages and our hearts were already breaking. I was about to return to the car and search for a hidden tree down the road when a woman appeared. After a little discussion, she directed me to the restroom in the back of the zoo. Not wanting to support such a place or at least not sure at this point, we let her know that we were not staying as they were soon closing. She agreed to let us just use the facilities.

After doing so, I was wishing I had found the tree. I am not sure if it is lack of funds or lack of knowledge, but it is probably the saddest zoo I have been too. It thoroughly depressed both myself and My daughter for many many miles down the road. We just couldn’t shake the sadness. The animals seem healthy enough and well feed, but they just seem sad. Small areas, no real interactions. Was VERY hot. The large cats and monkeys made me want to cry and still does every time I think of them.

I hate to say that I don’t recommend this place because the probably NEED the money worse than any other place but I couldn’t go back. (I did not take any photos inside as I did not pay to go in and seriously didn’t want to see it again. I thought about it later and wished I had)


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