RV Dreaming

Been up most of the night, drooling over friends RVs and scanning Craigslist ads. Not that I am ready to fly, as I still have ends to tie up here. But nice to dream, It helps me to focus on my end goal. Also took me back to my first.

The first RV I owned was a 31′ Class A Winnebago Elandan. Man, how I miss it. Drove 4 hours to get it, broke down on the way back. Did EVERYTHING wrong. From not being 100% ready to leave to as simple as not getting a walkthrough of the rig. But I loved it!!!! That baby was my dream, everything I wanted.

I was so scared to drive it, seemed massive. How could I handle it? What if it didn’t stop? Every bad thing that could happen ran through my head. First time I sat behind the wheel I felt so small. I had so many emotions running around that I was overwhelmed and shaking. But, I DID IT! I drove it, I pressed the gas and inched my way along quickly realizing that the fear, the stress, the tension was fading. I was loving this!

My baby had huge windows in the front so it was like walking down the street, I could see every building, every car, the whole road stretched in front of me and I wanted to go… and never stop!

So what happened? Life, as it always does, had different plans. It let me play with my baby for a few years, toy with the idea that my dream was a reality. Then said nope maybe not and pulled me back out of the clouds. I unfortunately, did not fight back, did not say Hell NO I’m out here on the road and I am staying out here. So it was back to brick and mortar for me 🙁

I have dreamed of travel for as long as I can remember and dreamed of RVing for almost a third of my life. I WILL GET OUT THERE AGAIN! How can I not, I have tasted the sweetness of its freedom and excitement…



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