San Antonio

San Antonio quickly became one of my favorite cities ever. I went with a good friend and had my best friend and her husband meet us there. The days spent there were amazing. The city seemed set up strange when I first got there, very touristy. But it was actually one of the friendliest places I have been. Everything was convenient. We were able to park free at our hotel and take a trolley anywhere we wanted to go. We did the typical things like the River Walk, Sky Tower, and of course the Alamo. Some of those we even did multiple times. But we did a few unexpected things also.

San Antonio (16)First was Lu Lu’s (Home of the 3 pound cinnamon roll, and NO not gluten free), Oh My God! If you have never eaten there, you are missing out. For weeks before we got there, my friend raved about the place. I figured yeah right! We walked in and it looked like an old, poorly decorated, dirty diner. My shoes stuck to the floor. Me being “just a little” germ phobic, I was not impressed and wanted to leave. He kept telling me “Just wait, you’ll see”.  So I stuck it out. The place smelled amazing and was only a couple tables free at a little after midnight. At least those were “Good” signs, I thought.  Being so late, we ordered appetizers and sat and planned the next days events. My eyes couldn’t believe what the waitress brought us. The plates were over flowing with some of the best food I have ever had. We shared and still took left overs back to our room. Upon seeing how cheap the bill was, I was hooked. We ate there 5 times in 4 days. Not once did I get anything I didn’t like. As for the cleanliness…funny thing we watched the floor cleaners come in one night and use machines to clean the floor. next morning we went for breakfast and my shoes stuck. I said something to the waitress and she said that’s cause the restaurant is always busy. She was right, whole time we were there I never saw a lull in business.

Next kinda different thing we did, was leave the country. Well in a way. There is a college there that is actually a Mexican college. We happened to be admiring the statues outside when one of the faculty came by. She gave us a brief lesson on them and then invited us inside to see the art. Told us about the college and that once inside we were actually considered on Mexican soil. thousands of people walk past this building and probably never even question what it is or have any idea of the treasures inside. So glad we were standing there at just the right time.

The Alamo

Sky Tower

Hemisfair Park

River Walk

Art exhibit – Mexico


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June 2013 · ·
We walked and walked and walked… I’ve always loved Texas but I fell in love with San Antonio. There is SO much to see and do, not near enough time. So much history and art, it’s amazing.

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