Hillsboro Texas (52)I love little towns and Hillsboro definitely took my heart. Filled with warmth and charm, I felt right at home here.

Located along Interstate 35, it is a convenient place to rest your head while exploring areas between Dallas and Waco.

Filled with beautifully restored Victorian homes and tons of history, what appears to be a little stick town has lots to see and learn. Hillsboro quickly became my go to place in Texas and highly recommended if you are in the area.

Some high points are;

The beautifully restored courthouse had burned in 1993 and was rebuilt with funds largely from concerts held by Willie Nelson.

The movie “Bottle Rocket” starring Owen and Luke Wilson was filmed here.

And, Hillsboro is home to one of my favorite museums. Roadside America Museum is an absolute must see. A very eclectic mix of nostalgia makes up this outrageous collection by owner/car collector/restorer, Carroll Estes. Including such things as Big Boppers Casket, an Airsteam “Guest Room” and an array of road culture and advertising cast-offs.

Roadside America Museum

Texas Heritage Museum




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