Save Our Seabirds INC.

Save Our Seabirds


Save Our Seabirds INC. is a powerful little place. Located next to the MOTE, on City Island in Sarasota Florida; save Our Sea Birds Inc is a non-profit wildlife conservation and education Organization. They rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured birds. And permanently house the ones that can not be released. In addition to helping the beautiful creatures, they also educate the public on conservation.

In a way you can say that it even rescued the facility itself, as it is the former home of The Pelican Man Bird Sanctuary. Started in 1981 by “The Pelican Man”, Dale Shields, it used to rescue around 5000 birds a year.   And was one of the largest wildlife rescues in Florida. Sadly Mr. Shields passed away in 2003 and by 2006 the facility had to close it’s doors, due to lack of funding.

The building sat uninhabited for a few years and fell into disrepair. Save Our Sea Birds Inc run by Lee Fox moved into it in 2008 and began to fix it up. After visiting I can say, I see the progress and how far they still have to go.

Entering..not knowing what to expect. We sent the little one first …lol

Save Our SeabirdsShe had fun moving ahead and playing on the statue, while my girls took a moment to read through the list of donors that helped fund this great cause.

They had plenty of time, while waiting for me to catch up. As I had got captivated by a fight going on. It was feeding time, and a beautiful Owl decided he did not want to share his little chick. But the big bully owl was persistent and after stealing it, he quickly swallowed it whole. Something I had never seen before and although not easy to watch, it was mesmerizing at the same time.

What a show! So caught up with the girls, who were grossing out that I watched them eat. And guess who they had found? ET phone home…LOL

Save Our Seabirds

So as you can see we had a really fun time. But it is a serious, kinda sad place too.

As most of the residents there have an injury or two. Some are extreme and noticeable, others you really have to look.

They do awesome good at this place and if you are in the area, I recommend a visit.

If you would like to read more about them, visit their site at


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