Mobile ALLLLABAMA…. I hear so much about it, but I only know A little.

I know It’s where I always get stuck on the bridge, which makes me happy cause I get to see the big battleship.

Oh, I know they have the big battleship 🙂

I also know they have a carnival museum there, that looks really awesome but is NEVER open when I come through.

Okay, so I guess I know more then I thought cause I also know it’s where we get excited. Because the tunnel means we are leaving Florida and going somewhere. Been that way since I was a kid. It also means I gotta head North West to head for my beloved Texas.

I got the urge to check them out on the last trip. All that pretty blue water and beautiful ole buildings kinda beckon. And one day I am going to see that museum and take a tour of that big boat. It’s a plan…..



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