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Shots From The Road FacebookLora Wood is a native Floridian and a self-taught artist and photographer. She has a love and passion for art and travel which started very early in her life. One that has sustained her through the many curves that it has taken over the years.

Her friends describe her as a “Florida Gypsy Artist”. When not driving the back roads looking for new experiences, she is home daydreaming about traveling and painting the visions that ensue.

Although skilled in many mediums,  behind the camera is where you will normally find her. Lora’s desire is to capture the feelings of a moment rather than the mere image. You can see this reflected throughout her work. And although you may find her pieces to be a mix of her eclectic interests her overall style borders more on an organized realistic approach.

Lora’s background is in technology and customer service. But her passion is in art. She is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the rich tapestry of people in it. So combining travel and art was an obvious choice for her to base her creativity. With that in mind, she started  A web-based site, and store that combines those passions as well as giving her a chance to branch out into the art of writing.

She is also the founder of GlutenFree-OnTheRoad which is a more logic-based endeavor. After being diagnosed with celiac, she wanted to connect with other individuals that had to also follow a gluten-free lifestyle. There did not appear to be a group that fit her needs.  So she started one and Its membership quickly grew to over ten thousand.

She is currently utilizing her technical skills to harness the power of the internet. Thus allowing her to connect with other travelers, artists, and art collectors around the world.  These interactions have allowed her to grow as both an artist and an individual. Her art now hangs in private collections across the globe. And although she enjoys exhibiting in local galleries, shows, and businesses she has embraced and thrived in our global connectivity.

Lora is an active member of many local art groups including, The Art Center in Jacksonville (former president and marketing lead), FemArt, Jacksonville Artists Guild,  and the Art Guild of Orange Park.


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