Drawings ( Not For Sale )

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I have been drawing and sketching as long as I can remember. In school, I used to daydream and doodle (BTW something I don’t recommend in class or at work), It seemed like I was always in trouble for it. Most were done out of sheer boredom and the feeling of wanting to be where my mind was wondering too. But some did later become paintings.

Shots From The Road Drawings No Longer For Sale

I have books of these things

Shots From The Road Drawings No Longer For Sale

Many of them are mediocre at best. But they were fun to practice with. For years I tried faces and people, for what actually felt like forever before I decided it was not my thing. I stopped trying for at least 20 years before I decided to try them again, but then it only took one-night figure drawing to change my thoughts on the subject. Something just popped and I got it.  I now sketch faces regularly, to get a feel for them. I am now determined that eventually, portraits will be something in my portfolio.

Hard to believe

Looking at these it is hard to believe that I have been drawing this long. Earliest one here, I was about 12. So that is at least 11 years LOL. No seriously, it has been a few decades. But, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t do art in some form.

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