Over the years I have tried every type of Art I could afford to try,


 “My imagination can picture no fairer happiness than to continue living for art.”
– Clara Schumann

I have sewn, scrapbooked, painted, drawn, photographed, poured concrete, done carpentry, arranged flowers, played with clay, felt, beads, glass, I was even baking cupcakes and 3D cakes before they were cool. (Just ask my girls, they will tell you all about the random non-edibles in them LOL)

If you could build with it, create with it, or just have fun with it, I’m sure I have at some point. over the years it has been fascinating to see the changes in the crafts and all the new toys there are to play with.

I also have enjoyed being able to attend many show openings and taking in the beautiful art at many museums and galleries across the country.

I hope that you will enjoy a glimpse of these as well as follow along as I live my artistic dream. Loralynn Signature


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