Learning to make the Most Decedent Soap

Way up nestled next to the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will find a little blue house that smells just amazing!

Oh, the smells! Lavender, coconut, peppermint, and sassafras. Everywhere you turn, there is another fragrance to sample.


I was trying to listen intently as Tim Tyndall, a retired science professor was giving us a lesson on the process of soap making.

But, it was so hard to concentrate with all of the wonderful sights and smells around.



I wanted to pick up each one, experience the freshness of it and feel the creamy texture. But there is way too many and nowhere near the time. So I had to choose. But how do you choose between, shea butter and goats milk? LOL, you don’t …you buy both, and a few more. My car smelled so good on the way home :).

Blue Ridge Soap Shed, is a must visit! Visits are conducted by appointment only. So, I highly recommend giving them a call on your next trip through.

Soapmaking demonstrations are scheduled on various days and times throughout the summer season, weather permitting, so be sure to check out their schedule for that as well.

179 Meadow View Road, Spruce Pine, North Carolina, 28777


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