Cardboard Box

My sister was delivered to me today in a cardboard box.

It was not an unexpected thing as she had passed away from Cancer on the 22nd of Feb. Non the less it is nerve shattering, to hold a loved one in your hands and feel the overwhelming sadness that fills every cell in your body.

We were not close, well maybe as little kids. But as we got older the things that were said and done got misconstrued and got in the way of any real relationship. I found out she was sick last year and went to help her. Over the next seven months I watched as the cancer took it’s toil. We reconnected in a way but still were strangers after all the time that had passed. So, day after day we dealt with doctors, sickness, pain, and yes, regret.

Day after day as we got closer, and in many ways we also got farther apart. We talked, we laughed, and we realized what we had missed. I spent many hours during that time with her talking about what she wanted to do. And about the sadness that she had for not traveling more, not living more. She told me once that her life was so sad because she never went very far from where we grew up. It was hard for her knowing that I had traveled and had plans to go again.

I looked at the box as I was holding it and the first thing I noticed was the return address was in Oregon, it made me smile. See my sister donated her body for medical research and her remains were to be returned after they sent her from place to place. The places she never got to go in life, but in death, she went clear cross country and back…..

Rest in Peace, you will not be forgotten
Darla Wood
March 22, 1964 – Feb. 22, 2014

Darla Wood

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