Bunny Adventures Day 2

Well, a few revelations on today…

The adult we had still seemed sad and Brandi got word that the two left at the shelter weren’t playing or coming to anyone. Hence why we have two more bunnies today. And a VERY good thing we do as apparently there were two litters.

We had noticed overnight that they were not nursing and were beginning to think we may have to bottle feed them. Luckily Brandi picked up the other two from the shelter, just so they could all be together. Boy how that changed things!


They are like different babies. As soon as she brought them in, the babies were trying to climb out to get to them. And one of the adults jumped in and started nursing. All nine kits went from sleeping constantly to hopping around and playing. As an added bonus I guess the original female is less stressed because she is nursing them too now.


Beautiful Bunnies Eyes

One of the new ones and what we are taking to be the actual mom to most of them has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on a rabbit. But we noticed not only were they a beautiful blue, there seemed to be a line in them. After some research, we found that she is a heterochromatic (two different color eyes).

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