Bunny Adventures Day 1

I knew that something was up as my girls kept disappearing into Brandi’s room.

I have learned over the years that normally when they get quiet and chummy it means there is a new four-legged critter somewhere around.

Mommas instincts were right on. They returned to the kitchen and I barely got “so what kind is it?” out of my mouth when I was presented with a basket of bunnies. Nine to be precise. Nine of the cutest little kits ever.

Nine kits and a momma actually. The animal shelter that the girls foster through had gotten in a group of these cute furry creatures and the nearest place to actually care for rabbits is down in Gainesville and overrun themselves at the moment. So, of course, my girls stepped up.

The shelter had a few males that went out to another foster, three females, and this litter of nine. It was determined that only one female was able to nurse so all of the babies must be from one litter. My girls got the nursing mom and babies and hopefully, another foster will take the two females that were left.

Welcome to our newest house guests and Bunny Adventures…

Day 1:

Well, they pretty much slept all day. The mom seems sad to be separated from her friends and everyone in the house spends their time oohing and awing over them 🙂

Bunny Adventures Day 2

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