Battleship Park

I always love seeing the battleship Alabama when I cross the border between Florida and Alabama. It is a mental marker that I am leaving Florida and new adventures await. I have tried a few times to actually tour the big ship but unfortunately usually come through after hours. I did, however, plan for it on my last trip, and got there in plenty of time.  It was open, sunny, and a good day for a tour. Except that I did NOT take into account that it was Father’s Day.

Walking up to the visitors center, there were children excessively ringing the bell out front and crowds looking over every inch of the grounds. It quickly became apparent that although I may be able to walk through, I most likely would not be able to actually see any of it let alone get any pictures. So Amanda and I spent some time on the grounds, enjoying the weather, stretching our legs, and grabbing a few shots, with plans to try again in the future.

USS Alabama

(From Wikipedia) USS Alabama (BB-60), a South Dakota-class battleship, was the sixth ship of the United States Navy named after the US state of Alabama. Alabama was commissioned in 1942 and served in World War II in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.


From Our June 2016 Visit…

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