We were just kids

We were just kids








By: Lora Wood


When we were little life was sweet,

We played Barbie’s on the porch and cars in the street

Looking back where did it all go

Where did it change why didn’t we know


Time flew by; the sky’s turned to gray

And suddenly we just didn’t play

Days turned to months and months into years

No reason why, nothing but tears


I missed you, and you missed me

But neither one budged, hard-headed were we

Time ripped apart, or miles between

You were still in my heart, still part of me


Back together again, but wish we had known

How childish we were acting when we were grown

How much we would miss those days that we lost

How much a little spat really would cost


Those moments of laughter and even of tears

We could have shared through all of these years

They’re gone now and we can’t get them back

All of them lost over some stupid spat.


So a moment no more to waste on such stuff

Time to call truce say enough is enough

We are all sisters, brothers, and friends

Cousins and family together again

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