The Divine Ms. “M”

By: Lora WoodThe Divine Ms. M

To look at you and see your face,
So beautiful and full of grace
Looking back, your mothers’ eyes
It filled my heart with love and pride

The joy I felt, so far away
Returned to me, that wondrous day
The day you came into our world
A baby girl, a life unfurled

Many hearts were bursting then
But only mine could remember when
Your mother came into my life
Bringing me love, laughter, and even strife

You’ll do the same, this I know
Your mothers’ heart will overflow
Though at times she will wonder what she has done
She will look at you like her rising sun

Every day that she awakes
She’ll feel your love
And her heart will ache

Just as mine has done since then
It remembers well, It remembers when
My sunshine was born, so long ago
My heart so full, my world aglow

Though time has passed since that great day
I look at you and see her still
Your mothers’ eyes, the things you say
The way you walk, laugh and play

Today you ran to me with arms stretched wide
It filled my heart with love and pride

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