San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site and Battleship Texas

“Remember the Alamo”

What started in September of 1835 with the Battle of Gonzales. A battle largely over ownership of a gun (Go figure Texans fighting over a gun), ended here on the afternoon of April 20th,1836.

The battle was won in a mere 18 minutes, at the end of which more than 600 soldiers had lost their lives. And another 700 were taken prisoner, including Santa Anna.




They have picnic tables and grills, along with a pavilion. You can also hike, nature watch, and geocaching is allowed onsite.

There is a museum at the base of the monument, or you can ride the elevator 489 feet to the top for a great view.

Tours of the battleship are open daily as well.


Due to oil drilling in the area, more than 100 acres of the battlefield now lies beneath the bay.

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