My baby is 23 today


By: Lora Wood

The angelic look, the baby teeth
The drunken walk, the skinned knees,
The relentless pleas, and gotta haves!
The days gone by, I wish I had.

The runny noses, and fevers high
The songs, the dances, the touch the sky
The funny faces and jokes galore
The playing cars along the floor

The trucks and dolls

The many things
To walk upon and have to clean

From alphabet and silly rhymes
To eating peppers for a roll of dimes
The days of school and ones of play
The fun we had along the way

The books, the boys, and hateful looks
Birthday parties and trips we took
I loved it all to my surprise
Though looking out through tear stained eyes

To see who you have become fills me with pride
Such a good mother and a really good friend
Beautiful outside as we well as within

I wish I had known when you were still small
That it would go by so quick
In no time at all

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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