Cracked House

By: Lora Wood (2007)Shots From The Road Cracked House

You sit in front of me and still I’m alone

A body, a shell, no mind of your own

It has taken you so far away

Your heart is gone, your mind astray


Our family cracked and shattered

Love torn

Our dreams are crushed

And lives destroyed


The day I knew you had gone away

Disbelief, fear, dismay

No longer the paranoid delusions of a madman

No longer the harlots


Much worse then I had ever dreamed

A power so strong, I could not compete

Something so small, more powerful than I

Had won your heart and destroyed our lives


For years I reach out, to pull you back in

But tight is its hold

Chocking, binding, keeping you from me

Toying with my emotions, A glimpse of hope


Lies, secrets, lay here beside me

No resemblance to a man

All sweet passion is taken away

I’m a prisoner, free from the bounds of mortal restraints


I hope I pray I cry I beg

On deaf ears

And still, I wait for your return

You loved me once, and for this, I yearn


Give up? Give in? Runaway?

Can I ever be free?

Our house cracked is shattered around me.


No real hope you’ll be back today

The loneliness as I look at your face

I need to let go, save myself

And free my soul


Run through the pieces


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